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Millionaires Row, Cleveland Ohio

At its height of grandeur, Millionaires Row in Cleveland stretched four miles along Euclid Avenue from Public Square. Approximately 250 mansions comprised what was once known as "the most beautiful street in America." Millionaires Row featured the magnificent homes of Cleveland's most influential families, many of which are still familiar to us today - Rockefeller, Mather, Wade, Gund, Brush, Severance and Hanna, to name a few.

As industrial Cleveland grew, many of these once-stunning mansions fell into disrepair and were destroyed to make room for businesses, highways and industry.

Dan Ruminski is hopeful that Cleveland can reclaim that lost glory by creating a virtual Millionaires Row exhibit and museum to learn about its grand history.

Together with his business partner and historical artifacts collector, Steve Erlich, Ruminski is recreating the splendor of 25 of these exceptional mansions.

The museum would lead visitors on an audio and visual tour of the homes, complete with "narration" from its original owners. Visitors would learn about the wealthy entrepreneurs and their families who once populated Euclid Avenue. Rooms from the original mansions would be recreated to give museum-goers the opportunity to learn how philanthropists of the time lived.

While still in the early planning stages, Ruminski is hopeful that this project will be completed in two years.

Photos from Millionaires Row

A virtual Millionaire's Row, including interactive features, is being planned.

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